Caremaster is a dedicated community services management system.It has been designed to support multi service organisations and can operate either stand alone or in conjunction with our other packages Trips (community transport) & MnM (Home Modifications and Maintenance).

Features include:

Web Based

The program is fully accessible through an internet browser. This supports cloud or private cloud deployments.

Client Information

Ability to record comprehensive client information and attach electronic documents and files to a client record. Coordinators can also be assigned to clients.

Case Notes

Read only case notes can be created including categorisation, time taken and option to create a service transaction.


Transaction or service events can be created based on the service provider and type of service. Services can also be linked to MDS codes and given default pricing. Transactions can also be assigned to specific coordinators and workers. Recurring transactions can also be entered with a simple to use outlook style schedule for example on Wednesday every two weeks.

Rosters and Timesheets

Rosters and time sheets are generated automatically based on the information entered into the system. This includes worker availability and scheduled transactions.


Alerts will be generated when a workers license is going to expire or if a client is due for reassessment and many others.

Coordinators and Workers

Coordinator and worker information is stored in the database. In the case of workers all of their require qualifications and service specific information can be recorded here.

Charts and Reports

Charts and reports can be generated quickly and easily. Statistics can also be exported if required.

MDS, ICTDS and NDIS Reporting

Caremaster fully supports the NSW MDS/ICTDS and national MDS reporting electronic submission specifications. Caremaster is also NDIS ready.


Caremaster can be customised specifically to suit your organisation. By utilizing the base program we can modify or build enhancements based on your requirements enabling you to get exactly what you need to suit your organisation.

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