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About TMA Software

TMA Software specialises in software solutions. We have a number of different products we can customise to meet your needs. Talk to us today about how we can tailor a solution for you.

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Our Philosophy

Experience has shown that even when projects or businesses do a similar job they vary enormously in the way they operate.

While data integrity is maintained we believe our software must provide as many approaches and options as possible.


Software reliability is a primary concern especially where remote installations are concerned.

Because our products are built using a platform designed for large business databases, they well exceed expectations in this area.


The software solution must be designed and built to do the tasks our customer purchases it for.

Additionally it must be designed with sufficient insight to be able to be expanded to our customers new expectations once their originally required tasks are well taken care of.


Trips is a dedicated community transport management system. Capable of managing all aspects of a community transport service. Please click here, to find out more.

On Board Vehicle On Board Vehicle

Trips OBV is designed to replace paper base run lists and the associated manual data entry. It runs on an on-board computer and links directly to Trips Enterprise and 2015. Please click here, to find out more


Caremaster is a dedicated community services management system. Please click here, to find out more.

We offer training packages tailored for your organisations needs.

Training can be delivered either on-site or via a webinar. If you would like to enquire about our training packages, please click here.

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