Trips 2015

Trips is a dedicated community transport management system. Capable of managing all aspects of a community transport service including the following features:

  • On Board Vehicle System

    Our purpose designed on board vehicle systems allow real time updates between the office and vehicle including run list updates and vehicle position.

  • Wherels Integration

    All addresses entered into Trips are validated with WhereIs..

  • Multi Office Support

    Trips is capable of supporting a single location or multiple branch offices. Our allocation system also supports vehicles stored in different locations.

  • Reports and Trips Query

    Various styles of charts and reports can be generated quickly and easily. Invoices and statements can also be created. Trips Query can also be used to extract very specific information from the database utilising all of the major tables and data fields.

  • Alerts

    Alerts will be generated when a crew license is going to expire, vehicle registration is due or if a client is due for reassessment and many others.

  • Drivers and Crew

    All pertinent driver and crew information fields are available in the database including community transport specific field. Driver and crew training history and any equipment issued can be tracked.

  • Journeys and Vehicles

    All journey and vehicle information can be captured and stored by the database including departure and return times, distance travelled, vehicle maintenance and event history.

  • Allocations and Route Optimisation

    Bookings can either manually be assigned or automatically assigned using our advanced auto allocation and route optimisation system. By utilising the same state of the art routing algorithms as multi national courier companies combined with our proprietary community transport specific allocation engine, we can provide world class allocation features customised specifically for Australian community transport.

  • Bookings and Trips

    A booking or trip will include all of the relevant transport information including client details, appointment time, pickup time, treatment type and amount asked. A t the time of the booking Trips will also calculate the time and distance for this trip.

  • Client Information

    Detailed client transport information is stored in the database including transport space types, client notes, alerts and more.